O Ribeiro

Description / Facilities

It seats 75 people. The specialties are, "bacalhau à rego do boi" (cod), "frango de cabidela" (chicken) and "bife de Alvarenga" (steak).

Address: Carreiros-Alvarenga 4540-026 Arouca
Phone: 256951774

01 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

Canyoning: by way of Ribeira da Pena Amarela I

Access to the path of Ribeiro da Pena Yellow I is made from the curve of the road, next to the Arouca, coming up the river 50 meters downstream and ends on...

Areiinho river beach

River beach located on the Paiva river, in the parish of Canelas, it is the starting point of some sporting activities practiced in the Rio Paiva (rafting,...
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