Penha da Rainha

Walking to the top of Penha da Rainha at  the summit  of the mountain of São Martinho  we can see  an ancient  castle and, at the same time, enjoy  the  magnificent panoramic views over the region.

Previously, the castle was the “sede do julgado” (jurisdiction headquarters)  whose area covered the current county of Monção, up to the river Mouro, ending in Merufe.  At that time,  the village assumed such an importance that the  Bishop of Tui, Dom Pedro I, dedicate the church to St. Martinho, in 1204. In 1268, the village received  the charter  granted  by  D.Afonso III.  Later, the “julgado”   was estinguished and  the village disappeared completely, falling into ruins.  In the beginning of the XVIII  century, the priest of Abedim used these stones  to restore the parish church.

Nowadays, from this important fortress only the place remains,   small marks of a fence,  and over  a rocky hill ,  we  can see some  vestiges of an old tower .

Venture into   the southern part,  where there is the  Jardim da Rainha  (Garden of the Queen) and the simple chapel of Sâo Martinho, the last place worthy of adoration. The present chapel dates from the XVIII or XIX century and  nothing remains from the original temple.

Explore every corner  and discover  passages between the big stones, small natural belvederes where the view is even more beautiful and the pleasant picnic park, is perfect to rest a bit ...


Location: Monção
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