Our Lady of Lapa Festivities

Arcos de Valdevez

The implementation in 1758 of the Our Lady of Lapa (Nª Srª da Lapa) Cult in the village of “Arcos de Valdevez” stimulated the erection of a religious temple in its honour; temple completed in 1767, being from then the stage of the first celebrations public manifestations; celebrations which were kept alive and constant till the mid-20th century. These celebrations were rekindled in 2009, the festivities now including the Council’s Festivities, occurring the 2nd weekend of August, giving back to the “Arcuenses” (inhabitants of Arcos de Valdevez) one of the most relevant and symbolic religious festivities.

The schedule is composed of a strong religious component, with an Eucharistic Mass and Solemn Procession and a more ludic approach including the traditional “cantigas ao desafio” (sort of singing battles), concertinas, “rusgas” (folkloric dance), folklore, as well as a remarkable and one of a kind fluvial serenade and a sublime firework, which colours the city with joy and beauty.

Location: Arcos de Valdevez
Rebuçados dos Arcos - Doçaria Central

Rebuçados dos Arcos - Doçaria Central

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