Old Pilgrimage Roads

Vale de Cambra
Route "À N.Srª. da Saúde por caminhos de antigamente"

The pedestrian route PR2 "À N.Srª. da Saúde por caminhos de antigamente" (To N.Srª. da Saúde by old paths) begins at the Main Church. The sanctuary was constructed in honor of Senhora da Saúde, being flanked by a natural park. Every year a pilgrimage takes place, on the 15th
August. The route extends by a path that wants to honor those who pass by on their way to keep their promises to Senhora da Saúde.

Location: Vale de Cambra
Britannia Restaurante

Britannia Restaurante

Open to the public since the 15th of June 2006, this restaurant offers its costumers a cuisine ...
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