Núcleo de Arte da Oliva Creative Factory

S. João da Madeira

The reconversion of the Oliva Zone 2, a landmark in S. João da Madeira industry and a unique modern architectonic patrimony, sets a turning point, a change of orientation and paradigm in the factory productive function. At this turning point, the Oliva Creative Factory Art Center, assumes a fundamental role to the future based on adding value of creative thought and connection between the artistic practice and other productive contexts.
It is, therefore a place for expressions, ideas and creative strategies origin and diversified motivations. This cohabitation is seen today, as a necessary condition of development and innovation, established the field of unlikely combinations between familiar ideas, transformation of existing ideas, but also its application and implementation in the social tissue. The Center for Art Oliva Creative Factory's mission is to stimulate public dialogue with contemporary art and culture. For this, it has a space for temporary exhibitions, and host two unique and compelling collections in Iberian region: the Collection Norlinda and José Lima, compose by artists and interdisciplinary projects where they cross the drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video; the Collection Treger/Saint Silvestre, which accommodate the Arte Bruta, Artes Marginais and contemporary art centers, unique in the Iberian region, and ethnographic vocation center, as the contemporary collection of crucifixes and the Vodu Art Collection from Haiti.

Location: S. João da Madeira

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