International Biennial of Youth Art

Vila Verde
In 1999, the municipality of Vila Verde, in conjunction with the Regional Delegation of Braga of the Portuguese Youth Institute and the Art Association, organized the First International Biennnial Youth Art of Vila Verde, where all young artists under the age of 30 years (completed in that year), could participate. Since then, (there have been six events), the Biennial has been growing with an important participation of young Portuguese and foreign artists. With this event, Vila Verde shows a great dynamic in the cultural field representing the contest and the exhibition a rare opportunity for young people who launch themselves into difficult track of the fine arts.
The “Biennial Youth Art of Vila Verde” has been extending its presence to other spaces, the other spheres of the art world and reaching new aspirations. Digital art, for example, begins to occupy a prominent place and will have developments with the construction of the future House of Knowledge of Vila Verde. Through the initiative "Biennial in Schools" also aims to promote with children and young people, a real education for the artistic sensibility in a work project to be carried out between the school, cultural institutions and the guest artists in school and cultural context. 

In this way, the cultural institutions become privileged partners for the development of educational projects, the development of artistic sensibility and critical education for the different cultural manifestations must be worked not only in a formal school context. The Biennale in schools is a favourable space towards the creation of an informal learning environment, where the lively and non-formal education are the dominant factors of the teaching/learning process.

By this method, it is believed that creation of cultural habits of the community will be much more dynamic with the sharing of experiences between the artists and the public, with the opportunity of people trying to feel and participate in their own cultural practices, and this is done through a necessary and stimulating way of education for culture, also regarding the extension of the project "Biennial at the School" to the other teaching places of other municipalities, the involvement of other artists and the consolidation of its national and international presence.

Location: Vila Verde
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