Imaginary and Painting Workshops

The records of the production of religious images in São Mamede do Coronado, Trofa county, date back to the XIX century. However, it was in 1920, at the time when the workshop of José Ferreira Thedim (grandson) performed the image of the Virgin to the Sanctuary of Fátima, that the saint makers gained reputation.

As consequence, there was a significant increase in orders, bringing economic life into activity and the proliferation of wood carving and painting workshops, all over São Mamede do Coronado. Directed by renowned masters, some of these workshops developed the concept of school-workshop, in order to ensure the handcrafted production and the transmission of know-how, as well as skilled labor. These saint makers are excellent performers of the anatomical proportions, being not restricted to religious sculpture, but also performing work for academic sculptors.

Augusto Manuel Ferreira – Sacred Art Sculptor
Rua de Gondão, 162
4745-441 S. Mamede do Coronado
Tlm. 91 961 38 48

Rua de Vale do Coronado, 1079
4745 São Mamede do Coronado
Tel. 229 811 549

Boaventura Matos – Sculpture Workshop and Sacraed Art Painting
Rua Parque dos Jogos, 84
4745-410 São Mamede do Coronado
Tel. 229 810 832 Tlm. 91 465 11 10

Manuel António Sousa Moreira – Sacred Art Sculptor
Rua Santa Eulália, 159
4745-548 São Romão do Coronado 
Tel. 229 822 713 Tlm. 96 343 41 26

Manuel Ferreira dos Santos – Sacred Art Sculptor
Rua de Vilar de Lila, 340
4745-506 São Mamede do Coronado
Tel. 229 811 960

Jorge Manuel da Costa Brás
Rua Parque de Jogos Bloco A, 3.ºESQ.
4745-410 S. Mamede do Coronado
Tel. 229 824 285 Tlm. 914 293 816


Location: Trofa
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