Gastronomy- Celorico de Basto

Celorico de Basto

Celorico de Basto is a municipality
with a great gastronomy tradition, based on local products. Here you can taste high quality dishes, made with the best ingredients, it’s a rustic dish with a timeless mixture of knowledge and flavors.

The chicken rice “ pica no chão” is a delight for those who appreciate good food, the green red wine should not be missing to accompany this dish.

The roasted lamb with rice in the oven , the roasted veal , the Portuguese stew , a bean stew, meat grille over hot coals and potatoes a “murro” are the preferred of the meat lovers.

 The prosciutto and the sausages are served at any time, with a glass of red or white wine , in the intervals between meals, or at the beginning of the meal.

The delicacy comes with the pastries: “ pão-de-ló, cavacas, rosquilhos, galhofas, pudim “ homemade , jams they are many and varied.

And to make Celorico the Basto perfect in the gastronomy ,we suggest the ideal accompaniment, our best green wine.

Location: Celorico de Basto
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