Douro Nature Moments - Oporto Douro Moments

Whether you choose to know Douro on foot or by car, we ensure you will feel one with nature! The visit includes: pick-up and drop off from your hotel to the Douro region; tour around Vila Real to Peso da Régua, the international vine and wine city; cruise from Régua to Pinhão (2 h), where you can follow the Bagaúste Dam, a 27 meter elevator raise; tour from Pinhão to Régua along the Douro river crossing the heart of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro;
If you are a photograph lover, we invite you to visit the sights of the stunning Douro region.
Transport is carried out in a comfortable minibus with air conditioning.

Location: Porto
Coma (restaurante & take away )

Coma (restaurante & take away )

In the heart of the city centre, this casual, chic restaurant is well-known for its delicious...
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