Dízimos Belvedere

The Miradouro dos Dízimos (Dízimos Belvedere) is situated on the EN 108 (National Road 108), km 91.346, 229 meters above the sea level. It is built over a platform with the same height of the road, which is limited by a granite balustrade having a pergola based in two stone columns in the center. On the back of the pergola there is a bank with the inscription JAE / MIRADOURO DOS DÍZIMOS, in white tiles. The tiles (18) are recent, having kept the blue colour and the yellow shade. Addorsed to the bank there is a flowerbed.

Location: Baião
Restaurante Churrascaria Zezerense

Restaurante Churrascaria Zezerense

The Restaurant Churrascaria Zezerense has by speciality the grill dishes. However the codfish...
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