Cooltour Oporto Vinho Verde Route

On this tour we present you one the most exclusively Portuguese wine in the world: Vinho Verde. The stunning beauty of Minho is the setting for the Rota do Vinho Verde. Exploring these paths is to discover the flavors of the ancient culture of culinary and wine making. The region of Vinho Verde is probably one of the most distinguished of Portugal, marked by a large Atlantic influence, in a green and wet landscape, with cool temperatures and abundant rainfall, which makes this cool nectar highly appreciated. To discover the Rota do Vinho Verde is to find dreamy landscapes and villages, warm and affable people, rich traditions and architecture marked with a granite and schist. Get to know also the wine-making processes and know the stories of its people, and indulge in the flavors of a cuisine that surrenders to Vinho Verde.

Location: Porto
Dona Lourdes

Dona Lourdes

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