College Building


Residential type of architecture in the Mannerist and Baroque styles. Its Mannerist structure consists of two straight sections forming an oblique angle, with a few windows or doors and simple frames, and is marked by a large stone staircase leading up to the first floor.

The interior of the chapel has lost many of its features. On the main floor, common rooms with octagonal ceilings, decorated with flowers and hanging ornaments. The intermediate floor was once used by the college students. It had a small chapel for private worship, of which nowadays only the wall-mounted niche remains in the walls of the ruined part of the house.

This building is linked to the Board of the old College of Barcos, used for office work and as the students’ living quarters. Although it has lost many of its features over the last 50 years, it still has many decorative elements of good quality, showing the power and reputation of the College, such as the decorated ceilings and, especially, the original Baroque staircase, with stone guards and decorative volutes.

Location: Tabuaço
"Orbispirilampo" Restaurant

"Orbispirilampo" Restaurant

The restaurant opened in August 2014 with new management, is situated in the village of Tabuaço,...
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Tasquinha do Matias
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