Chapel of Susão and Chapel of N. S. da Saúde and Rural Cente


Chapel of Susão and Chapel of N.S. da Saúde and Rural Center

The oldest chapel located in the rural center of Susão, dates from the XVIII century. It has a rectangular floor plan, a single granitic nave and gabled roof with a cross at the summit. It has a galilee covering the main gate, the fence and the gate with railing. Some meters away there is the new temple in rectangular plan, with single nave and an irregular two waters roof and a cross at the summit. The bell tower has a pyramidal covering on the left side of the building. The main façade has a door topped by a stained-glass window in the shape of the cross of Christ. The main façade is flanked by two tile panels: Nossa Senhora da Saúde on the left and Santa Eufémia on the right.

Location: Valongo


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