Casas e Palacetes (Houses and Small Palaces)

S. João da Madeira
Gafanhões Manor House (Quinta do Morgado)

This Manor belongs to the Corte-Real family since 1523, being classified as public interest property, since October 1976. Nowadays it has a restaurant in a historic environment where you can breathe the history of an ancient and influential family in the context of the Portuguese aristocracy. Behind the house there is a fountain in “pombaline” style.

Rei da Farinha Palace
It is one of the most beautiful examples of the so-called "Brazilians houses" that exists in São João da Madeira.
There is a tower dominating the remarkable building. The scenography staircase connects the beautiful garden with the palace.

Condes Palace and surrounding Farm

It is an example of the rich architecture of the so-called “Brazilians houses". For many years, the Conde Dias Garcia Palace, housed the headquarters of the District Court of S. João da Madeira. It is municipal heritage.
The interest of this property starts at the entrance, where some replicas of the castle towers stand. With impressive dimensions, it highlights the asymmetry existing in the towers height and formal aspect. The central body is also slightly prominent, increasing the asymmetry and the interest of the palace.

Paços da Cultura (Culture House)

The old building of the City Hall of S. João da Madeira is one of the most emblematic of the city. It suffered improvement works, becaming the Paços da Cultura (Culture House). 

Opened on May 21
, 2005, the building includes several services. On the ground floor, it is provided with an auditorium with 250 seats, a café-concert, an internet space and an outdoor area for events.  The exhibition galleries take the first floor and the Historical Archives take the second floor.

The Culture House is intended to be a great activity space, promoting the cultural richeness of S. João da Madeira.

10h00 - 20h00 (Monday to Friday)
10h00 - 13h00 | 14:30 - 19:30 (Saturday)
Closed on Sundays

Nursery House of Santa Filomena

It is a small Palace showing great richness in the façades. A nursery works in this house, which is in good conditions.

Villa Martins

The Vila Martins presents a façade where a central body is prominent. The roof follows the morphologic design of the building.  

Palace of Quinta de Antonio Pinto de Oliveira (Quinta dos Teixeiras)

Villa Balbina

It is a Toscana House built in 1906, which was restored by the “Feder-Pronorte” program being now used as the headquarters of the Association of Municipalities.

Santo António House
It presents a notorious conservation state.The typical portuguese eaves and sheds give the building a picturesque feature

Carlinda Palmares House

It presents a very well achieved formal depuration, which is affected by the balcony iron and the salient eaves, being the result quite interesting.  

Location: S. João da Madeira
Tudo aos Molhos

Tudo aos Molhos

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