"Between Monasteries" Trail (Percurso Entre Mosteiros)

Santo Tirso

PR 7 ST - "Entre Mosteiros"

Duration / Distance - 4 to 5 hours – 12.7 km
Difficulty - Moderate
Advised season - Winter; Spring; Summer; Autumn
Location - Roriz, S. Mamede de Negrelos, Vilarinho
Starting / Arrival  - Roriz and Vilarinho

Points of interest:
- Roriz - S. Pedro de Roriz Church, Santa Escolástica Monastery; Benedcitine Monastery
- S. Mamede de Negrelos – Main Church; S. Roque Chapel; Casa dos Barrosos;
- Vilarinho – Main Church; S. Miguel de Vilarinho Church; old Monastery; Casa do Burgo;

Accessibility: EN 105, 209-2, 644, 613 and A3
General information:
City Hall - Tel: 252830400 Fax: 252856534
Email: gap@cm-stirso.pt

Voluntary Fire Brigade Santo Tirso  - Tel: 252852491

Voluntary Fire Brigade Tirsenses - Tel: 252830500

PSP - Tel: 252851635

GNR – 252808250


"Entre Mosteiros" is a trail that runs through the parishes of Roriz, S. Mamede de Negrelos and Vilarinho, connecting the two Monasteries of Roriz and Vilarinho.
Besides some small factories in the textile sector, it is notorious the predominance of the agricultural vocation throughout the journey.The Roriz Monastery with its bell tower as well as the church and convent residence are elements to observe and appreciate in all its constructive and decorative elements. Nearby you can visit the Santa Escolastica Monastery where the wafers of Roriz provide delicate flavors.
In the Benedictine monastery, the Singeverga Liqueur made by the monks is unique in Portugal. The cellar where we breathe the sweetish smell deserves a visit.
The Church of São Mamede de Negrelos is a modern temple, built in granite. The Chapel of St. Roque, serving as Stone Cross in religious processions of the parish, is to those who love enjoying a beautiful view, the open Miranete on this beautiful basin of the river Vizela. The House of Barrosos, is an interesting example of a stately home.
Vilarinho is the eastern parish of Santo Tirso, standing south of the river Vizela. The old Vilarinho Monastery with its ancient parish church stands here. On the northeast, stands the Monte de S. Pedro, with a geodesic mark, from where we can enjoy an agricultural and industrial landscape with the river Vizela runing through it.
The route can be started by the Church of Roriz and end with the Vilarinho Monastery, or vice versa. It is a medium difficulty trail, with a steep slope in some places, providing the walker the full enjoyment of landscape and heritage.


Location: Santo Tirso
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