Arquitetura e Arte (Architecture and Art)


The city of Oporto is known not only by its historical legacy, but also by its identity of sophistication and its contemporaneity, to which contributes the important role of the Fundação de Serralves and Casa da Música, as icons of architecture and distinct projects of cultural offer.  

The Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution whose mission is to raise the public awareness to the Contemporary Art and to the Environment and gathers several different spaces as the Contemporary Art Museum, designed by Siza Vieira, the Park, the Auditorium and Casa de Serralves.

The Casa Música, designed by Rem Koolhaas, is the first building built in Portugal dedicated exclusively to the music and it is integrated in an urban renewal process of the city and in metropolitan and world scale of cultural equipment network.

Both institutions develop cultural, innovative and embraced projects as exhibitions, guided tours, music concerts, dance and performance, films, conferences and courses, covering all types of audience, from children and young people to the families, or schools and general public.

Both institutions are located in Boavista area, where part of the Business District stands. Other buildings of architectonic value as well as localized points of commercial offer are situated in this area. It is also possible to enjoy the delights of national, international and author cuisine as well as high-quality accommodation throughout this area. In its limits – Campo Alegre, Palácio de Cristal and Miguel Bombarda areas (known as the art gallery area), there is also have a great offer of cultural equipment, green spaces, alternative shops, restaurants and bars, constituting pleasant tour points out of the most known areas of Oporto. 

Location: Porto


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