Almond Route – PR3

São João da Pesqueira

Details of the route:

Start and Finish:  Pereiros, Vilarouco or Valongo dos Azeites.

Purpose: Sports, cultural, and landscape.

Type of trail: Short trail across rural paths.

Distances between the most significant points:

Pereiros Agorrêta – 1,900 m

Agorrêta Vilarouco – 4,500 m

Vilarouco Rio Torto – 3,100 m

Rio Torto Valongo dos Azeites – 1,800 m

Valongo dos Azeites Stª Luzia – 4,000 m

Stª Luzia Pereiros – 2,300 m

Total trail distance: 17 600 m

Level of difficulty: Average / high.


Pereiros – 617 m

Agorrêta – 730 m

Vilarouco – 519 m

Rio Torto – 430 m

Valongo dos Azeites – 560 m

Stª Luzia – 581 m

Cumulative levels – 300 m

Levels – Two gentle drops and two average climbs.

Location: São João da Pesqueira

Stay InDouro

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