Solar Antigo Porto Aeroporto

Description / Facilities
Solar Antigo Porto Aeroporto is the closest accommodation to Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport. It is located 1 minute walk from the airport. New building, obeying to the highest standards of construction and modern architecture. It has thematic rooms alluding to the main monuments of the city of Porto, with all amenities (free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, 24-hour reception, flat-screen TV).

Botica and Aeroporto metro stations are a 2-minute walk away, making it the center of the city of Porto and its monuments just a few minutes away.

The convincing beauty and stunning architecture of this property, combined with the excellent accessibility, make it an ideal destination for you.
Address: Avenida do Aeroporto nº 288, 4470-558 Moreira da Maia
Phone: +351 22 941 9065

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024
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