Quinta do Pomarinho

Description / Facilities

House rebuilt in 2001, located in Romariz, in the parish of Burgo, 700m from the center of Arouca. This one can enjoy a unique landscape of the valley from Arouca. It offers 5 bedrooms (7 beds). Services: fenced pool, tennis, mini-golf, games room, TV, central heating, fridge, microwave, kettle and two living rooms.
Address: Lugar de Romariz - Burgo 4540 - 222 - Arouca
E-mail: reservas@quintadopomarinho.com
Phone: 256948198

09 Nov 2019

17 Nov 2019


 It seats 80 people, with the following specialties: "vitela e cabrito assado" (roast veal and...
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Alto da Estrada

Alto da Estrada

It seats 350 people and the average price is ? 12.50. The specialties are, "vitela assada"...
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Côto do Boi (geosite 2)

The alveolus of Moldes is the main focus of the panoramic observed through the Côto do Boi. This shell-shaped alveolus is developed in a depressed zone of...

Sacred Art Museum

The Sacred Art Museum is part of the Arouca Monastery and consists of a singular collection of precious objects as manuscripts, clothing and jewelry, among...
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