Quinta do Pomar Maior

Description / Facilities

Located in Barreiros, Santa Eulalia, this hostage unit has 4 rooms (all of them with private wc and air conditioner), a dining room, livinf room and equipped kitchen.
Outside there is an extended green area, where it’s the pool, with sunbeds and umbrellas. In the same area there is also fruit trees and a hill with oaks and chestnut trees, that invites us to enjoy the surrounding region.
On the opposite side, there is a social and leisure zone with and outstanding view, where you can find an wood oven and a barbecue, with sink and tableware, so you don’t have to go purposely to the kitchen. There is also in the barbecue zone storage with firewood at your disposal.

The house have Satellite TV and Wi-Fi to the guests. 
Address: Lugar de Barreiros, Santa Eulália 4540- 516 Arouca
E-mail: vania.r.leal@gmail.com
Phone: 963162137

26 Jan 2019

03 Feb 2019
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