Quinta do Minhoto

Description / Facilities
Fafe is known as the living room of Minho and is praised for its welcoming spirit and its art of hospitality. It offers a number of tourist resorts with the facilities for making your stay truly memorable.
Country house type of complex: Casa do Minhoto - 2 bedrooms w/private bathroom; Casa do Caseiro - 1 bedroom; Casa do Palheiro - 1 bedroom.
Address: Rua de Paçô, nº107, Fornelos, 4820-421 Fafe
E-mail: david74@sapo.pt
Phone: 253491179

23 Nov to 06 Dec 2020

17 to 21 Nov 2020


The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Primus is ready...
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Restaurant Zé da Estrada

Restaurant Zé da Estrada

The restaurant Zé da Estrada restaurant is located in Penelas, Guilhofrei, and it is open about...
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City Park

The city park has green areas, sports facilities, an amphitheatre for outdoor events in the summer, the crossing of the cycle route, a children?s park, a...

Praia Fluvial e Parque de Merendas de Medelo

Fafe offers several natural outdoor and leisure places where you can enjoy yourself and relax!
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