Quinta das Aveleiras

Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities

Terraced shale, slightly vulgar in the Douro Superior are reused and reclassified four houses.

4 Appartements (T1;T1+1;T2;T3)

TV / Breakfast / ATM / Air Conditioner / House equipped with kitchenette

Pedestrian paths / outdoor Pool / Tennis Court / Bike / Agricultural and Forest Area / Romantic Garden.
Address: Estrada Nacional 220, 5160-206 Torre de Moncorvo
Phone: 279258280/1

06 to 08 Nov 2020
Quinta das Aveleiras

Quinta das Aveleiras

WINE"Quinta das Avelleiras" is located in Torre de Moncorvo, more specifically, on the slopes of...
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Restaurante “O Jardim”

Restaurante “O Jardim”

Specialties: "Posta à Jardim"; "Jardim" Octopus ; "Jardim" Cod; "Feijoada à Brasileira",...
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Nature Trail of Sabor

The nature trail of Sabor is an area of real beauty, resulted of the use of road-rail in the stretch between Torre de Moncorvo and Carviçais, a total of 24...

The Sacred Art Museum

The Sacred Art Museum is installed in the Church of Mercy and contiguous building in Torre de Moncorvo. It is a building of the sixteenth century, have...
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