Quinta da Vila

Description / Facilities
Located on the Lugar da Vila in Alvarenga, seamlessly blends the comfort, nature, history and culture, the result of the recovery of an old house homemade beginning of the XIX century, the mills and the adaptation of another building for rural housing. They are very interesting from the standpoint of architectural, historical and tourist. It has 10 rooms, 7 doubles and 3 suites with 20 beds. Services: pool, private bathrooms, central heating, TV and DVD, a games room and meeting room.

Address: Lugar da Vila 4540-053 Alvarenga, Arouca
E-mail: qdavila.tur@gmail.com
Phone: 918528478

01 to 30 Apr 2019

24 Jan to 31 Dec 2019
Quinta do Outeirinho

Quinta do Outeirinho

Ancient property owned by the Earl of  Castelo de Paiva, Quinta do Outeirinho, is located in the...
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Casa Caetano

Casa Caetano

It has capacity for 82 people. The specialties are Alvarenga steak, "vitela assada (roasted veal...
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Agueiras Waterfall (Geosite 35)

The Aguieiras waterfall is integrated in an area called by the adventure sports athletes in the Paiva river as "Paiva?s throat", which defines geologically...

Row of Mills

Made of schist and covered with slate the "Carreira de Moinhos" (row of mills) consists of 17 water mills, which water-course is the same ? the legendary...
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