Olhares do Douro

Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities

The agritourism "Olhares do Douro" is located on the right bank of the Douro River, in the only fishing village of the district of Bragança.- Foz do sabor.

Is located 5km of Torre de Moncorvo, northern Portugal, in the southern of the tansmontano northeast, near the border with Spain, at the confluence of Sabor and Douro rivers.

At about 200m is the river beach at the Foz do Sabor, where you can find various water activities (boating, jet skiing, pedal boats, etc.) and about 1km finds a water park.

We also have Vilariça valley and the Serra do Reboredo, where is the largest iron deposit in Europe.

Developed activities:

• olive harvest;

• Almond Harvest;

• Harvest;

• Winemaking (process of turning grapes into wine);

• Preparation of planting;

• Harvest fruits and vegetables;

• Fishing;

• Preparation of fish;

• Preparation of the meat for the sausages;

• Execution of "Enchidos".

Address: Foz do Sabor – Torre de Moncorvo
E-mail: olharesdodouro@gmail.com
Phone: 938385231
Restaurante “ O Lameirinho” – Cabanas de Baixo

Restaurante “ O Lameirinho” – Cabanas de Baixo

Specialties: fish "Migas"; River fish (grilled, fried and baked) and eels.
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Restaurante “O Jardim”

Restaurante “O Jardim”

Specialties: "Posta à Jardim"; "Jardim" Octopus ; "Jardim" Cod; "Feijoada à Brasileira",...
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Museu do Ferro (Iron Museum)

Dedicated to the history of Moncorvo iron utilization since its antiquity to the present day and the archeology of the region.Have horticultural and garden...

Viewpoint of Senhora da Costa

The viewpoint of Senhora da Costa is located next to the Sanctuary with the same name. From here we can look to  the north and see the  wine-growing...
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