O Laranjeira

Viana do Castelo
Description / Facilities

Our premises present, on the ground floor, a referenced restaurant of traditional cuisine, still cooking after the best recipes from Granny Micas; our seven thematic rooms and Granny’s Room are on the 1st and 2nd; and at the Next Door House (connected to the main building) five studio flats are available for lodging.
As the oldest establishment of the city, the Laranjeira family – in its third generation of management – decided for a makeover of the old inn telling stories about the family and depicting customs while recalling traditions of Viana.
Address: Rua Cândido dos Reis 4900-082 Viana do Castelo
E-mail: geral@olaranjeira.com
Phone: +351 258 822 258

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024
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