Motorhome Service Area

Mondim de Basto
Description / Facilities
The service area of Mondim de Basto, a free zone for motorhomes, is located near the north entrance of the village and has as background the Monte de Nossa Senhora da Graça. It's a quiet and pleasant space bordering with cultivated land. It's equipped with the necessary equipment for the comfort of the users and offers an ample parking zone.
Next to the local you find commercial, cultural and sports facilities.
Address: Praça do Municipio, 4880 - 236 Mondim de Basto
Phone: +351 255 389 370

03 Jan to 19 Dec 2019

19 Oct 2019
Tasquinha S. Tiago

Tasquinha S. Tiago

Located in the historical centre of Mondim de Basto (at the back of the Town Hall), a nice area...
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Restaurant " O Transmontano"The Restaurant "O Transmontano", open since 1991 and almost...
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Timetable:The first and third thursdays of each month.

Night of pilgrims to Santiago

The night of July 24, night of pilgrims to Santiago, that the City Council have instituted in order to recall the ancient pilgrimage, it is revealed today...
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