Maria Odete Crespo

Description / Facilities
2 bedroom apartment with a suite and full-service bathroom associated to the 2nd bedroom.
The apartment provides all the kitchen essentials as well as bed linen and bathroom towels.
It has the ability to accommodate 4 people.

Implanted in a recent building, south / west, in the ​​Matosinhos Sul area. 5 minutes from the beach, City Park, Metro and bus.
Located in a quiet cross street, with all the essential centrality for restaurants, small bars, terraces and all the services.

RNAL nº 41003/AL

Address: R. Dr. Afonso Cordeiro, 294, hab 24; 4450-002 Matosinhos
Phone: +351 926 232 760

16 Jun to 18 Jul 2020

18 Oct 2019 to 30 Sep 2020

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