Houses of Bairrinho

Alfândega da Fé
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Casas do Bairrinho is a family project to make available accommodation in country houses. Available, for now, are two renovated properties, Casa do Largo, near Casa do Povo, with capacity for 5 persons, and Casa do Bairrinho in Bairrinho corner, with capacity for 6 persons. This last facility is prepared for guests with disability. They intend to provide for you a great stay, giving all means to enjoy, in full, the charm of this village and all its ambience and prodigality. Getting to Sambade, wherever you are, is simple.
Address: Rua do Bairrinho, nº 34 5350-312 Sambade
Phone: 919500079

31 Jul 2020

31 Jul to 02 Aug 2020
Restaurante Amadeu

Restaurante Amadeu

Restaurante Amadeu
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Restaurant Borges

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