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The Peninsular Hotel is housed in Caldelas Spa, 50 meters from the thermal complex in the heart of Minho in Braga county between Braga and the Geres, surrounded by greenery, is a great destination to alleviate the stress of day-to-day, strengthening their energies through welfare that a thermal program can offer. The quality of Peninsular Hotel is revealed in every moment of your stay. All rooms are equipped with Complete Bath Room, Air Conditioning, Telephone, Led TV, Wi-Fi and panoramic balconies that ensure their welfare. In a very quiet environment, the Peninsular Hotel offers excellence in services. The lounge and bar allow you to enjoy the relaxation and pleasant leisure time. In the restaurant with panoramic views, you can enjoy the excellent cuisine service with diet and food specialties of the region. It has 21 rooms and 45 beds.
Address: Avenida Afonso Manuel Pereira de Azevedo, Caldelas, 4720 Amares
Phone: 253368593

18 to 23 Nov 2019

20 Nov 2019
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