Hotel of Barão de Forrester

Description / Facilities

A building that is part of the hotel chain of Pousadas de Portugal, which were created by António Ferro in the 1940s.
Address: Av. Comendador José Rufino, 5070 Alijó
Phone: 259959215

07 Aug to 19 Oct 2020

20 Nov 2019 to 31 Dec 2020
Restaurante Primavera

Restaurante Primavera

Traditional cuisineSpecialities: Lamb, pork knee, tripe, snacksAverage price per person: 10...
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Angli Bar

Angli Bar

Open to the public since 2000, the Angli Bar beyond the usual service, where the taste of the...
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Granaries of Alijó

This structure was used to stone and dry grain. This is a particularly large example.

Fountain of Alijó

A fountain in the Mannerist style, consisting of two superimposed bowls on a central column with a pinnacle-type finishing.
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