Hotel Eco Salvador

Terras de Bouro
Description / Facilities
In Hotel Eco Salvador. The bedrooms, a terrace and the breakfat room at Hotel Eco salvador offer a panoramic views of the surrounding Cávado River and hills. Oferrinf na outdoor pool. It is a 5 minutes walk from a smal beach
Address: Lugar do Alqueirão, 620, 4845-062 Vilar da Veiga
Phone: 00351 253 391 507
"Barroso: memórias e sonhos", Amélia Santos

"Barroso: memórias e sonhos", Amélia Santos

14 Jul to 29 Aug 2022
The exhibition "Barroso: memories and dreams" by the artist Barrosã Amélia Santos, is on display...
Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

Restaurante da Pousada de Sta. Maria do Bouro

It is a very popular restaurant in the region. It is located in the Pousada de Santa Maria do...
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Restaurant  Arijal

Restaurant Arijal

The  Restaurant Arijal is located at the entrance of Vieira do Minho. With a capacity of 280...
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Feira da Ladra

The first references about the Feira da Ladra date from 1936. This event takes places from the first Saturday on October to Monday and it is organized by...

Ecomuseum Barroso - The vezeira and Sierra

Called "vezeira and Sierra", this interpretive center promotes the territory inserted in the Peneda - Geres (PGNP). It is the aim of this project to boost...
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