Hostel for Pilgrims S. Miguel das Marinhas

Description / Facilities

S. Miguel Hostel is owned by the Parish Council of Marinhas, with responsibility for its management of the Portuguese Red Cross, Delegation of the Marinhas, based on a protocol of cooperation between the two entities.

The Hostel offers the following facilities:

• Reception;
• Hot Water;
• Drinking water;
• Electric Light;
• Kitchen;
• Microwave;
• Dining room / socializing;
• Men sanitary facilities;
• Sanitary facilities ladies;
• unisex dormitory with 14 beds;
• Tank washing;
• Soap;
• Hanger;
• Yard;
• Outdoor Space Lawn;
• Electricity access;
• Wireless internet;
• Access to a computer;
• Cell phone network coverage;
• Public phone.
Address: Marinhas
Phone: 253964720

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024
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