Farm of Silval

Description / Facilities

Farm of Silval have their properties on Pinion River Valley in the heart of the Douro Region, which produces the famous Port wine.
Address: Vale de Mendiz , 5085-101 Pinhão
Phone: 254730060

25 May to 20 Jul 2020

25 May to 10 Aug 2020
Restaurant Ponte Românica

Restaurant Ponte Românica

Its name is due to the proximity of the Roman bridge of Pinhão, Sabrosa. The cuisine here fled...
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"Casa dos Peixinhos" Restaurant

"Casa dos Peixinhos" Restaurant

Also known as "Buraco d`Água", this restaurant is situated near the Douro River, alongside...
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Cruise of Favaios

A wayside Calvary dated 1885 located at the exit from Favaios to Pinhão.

Douro River

The Douro River begins in Spain, more precisely in Urbión Mountain. It is the second largest river in Portugal with a total length of 927 Km; in the...
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