Casas do Moinho

Description / Facilities
Fafe is known as the living room of Minho and is praised for its welcoming spirit and its art of hospitality. It offers a number of tourist resorts with the facilities for making your stay truly memorable.
Country house with 14 double rooms.
Address: Complexo Turístico de Rilhadas, Rua de Cancelo, n.º 444, Cepães, 4820-018 Fafe
Phone: 253591916
VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

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Casa de Cancelo

Casa de Cancelo

The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Casa de Cancelo...
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Tascoela Bar

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Dams, Lagoons

In the dales, the dams of Caniçada, Ermal, Salamonde and Venda Nova cover of landscape with their blue mantles. Their calm and clear waters allowed to...
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