Casa do Seminário

Description / Facilities
The ruins of the ancient seminar, near  the Serra do Larouco, was born this house, where it’s good to be chatting with the owners, eating a meal cooked in a iron pot or sleeping in their rooms. The courtyard is the same, but some corrals were turned into rooms, dinning room was the library and now the stables are the living room. Wide range of sports and leisure.
Address: Rª Central, nº 51 5470 – 160 Gralhas
Phone: 276535160
O Cantinho Restaurant

O Cantinho Restaurant

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Pizzaria Ritrovo

Pizzaria Ritrovo

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Dams, Lagoons

In the dales, the dams of Caniçada, Ermal, Salamonde and Venda Nova cover of landscape with their blue mantles. Their calm and clear waters allowed to...

Paragliding Track - Serra do Larouco

The 1535 metres altitude of "Serra do Larouco", the third highest elevation in Portugal Continental, are favourable to the practice of paragliding. This is...
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