Casa de Santo António de Britiande

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Casa de Santo António de Britiande is located in Largo de S. Sebastião, in Britiande, and together with the Pillory, the S. Sebastião Chapel and the Mother Church, it makes up the Listed Heritage ensemble of the town of Britiande. Set in a 12-acre plot of land and featuring its own chapel, the house is surrounded by gardens, orchards and a swimming pool, and boasts 3 double rooms, 1 single room, and 2 studios, all opening on to the gardens; 150m away, in woodland, with a private car park, is a building devoted to the Wine Tourism segment, where groups are welcomed for wine and regional speciality tastings
Address: Largo de S. Sebastião - Britiande 5100 360 Lamego
Phone: 254699346 ; 93585142

20 Nov 2019 to 31 Dec 2020
Restaurante - Churrasqueira "Beirão"

Restaurante - Churrasqueira "Beirão"

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The Stone Pillory, the St. Sebastian Chapel, the Main Church and the St. Antony House and Chapel constitute the Classified Heritage of Vila de Britiande, as...
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