Casa de Santa Cristina

Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities
The house of Santa Cristina is located in the parish of Alpendorada municipality of Marco de Canaveses district of Porto, at Km 47.2 of the coastal road Port-Ruler, EN 108, at a distance of 400m, half way between the Castro Plows and Douro River and east the Alpendorada.
The solidity and history of the stone walls marked by time were the perfect start for the Santa Cristina project. The house location, shaped into a green hill over the small farm of Santa Cristina, allowed the creation of a unique space, ideal for both contemplation and introspection. The surroundings were inviting to a close contact with Nature and rural traditions, excelent for a beatiful walk, a relaxing reading time or just a perfect spot to recover after a journey discovering this wonderful region. So, it was mandatory to share this noble space, full of northern Portuguese roots - because of this, the project of Santa Cristina Country Houseguest was born.

The main challenge of house renovation was how to adapt the cold thick walls of stone to the modern concepts of comfort and wellbeing. At the same time, any adaptations could not interfere deeply with the old architectural heritage. Added to all this, the restoration project was intended to be moved by sustainability and nature protection concerns.

Address: Caminho das Andrades, Alpendorada e Matos
Phone: 917514721

01 Mar 2020


26 Jul 2019 to 31 Jul 2020
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