Casa de S. Cristóvão

Description / Facilities
Casa de S.Cristóvão (Boticas) is situated along a reflecting pool of stream Fontão. This beautiful space is surrounded by tranquility, pure air, refreshing water and mountains not to mention the gastronomy of the region which helps make this house the tourism pearl of this rural region of Barroso. The 6 rooms boast elegance and harmony with a traditional yet modern flare.
Address: Casa de São Cristóvão, Rua 5 de Outubro n.º 12, 5460-304 Boticas
Phone: 276415486
"Máscaras Rituais de Portugal - coleção de Roberto Afonso"

"Máscaras Rituais de Portugal - coleção de Roberto Afonso"

08 Jan to 27 Feb 2019
The Ecomuseu de Barroso - espaço padre Fontes, in Montalegre, will receive the Roberto Afonso...
"Rochas e Minerais - Norte de Portugal"

"Rochas e Minerais - Norte de Portugal"

07 Jan to 08 Mar 2019
"Rochas e minerais - Norte de Portugal" is an exhibition aims to show the potential of the...
Restaurant "Ribeiralta" - Boticas

Restaurant "Ribeiralta" - Boticas

Restaurant located on the edge of the center of Boticas village. Regional cuisine. Typical...
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The gastronomy of the region of Boticas is vast and the quality is unanimously recognized. This...
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Cubo mill

Preindustrial mill, located next to the leisure park brook Fontão in the center of Boticas Village.

The Municipal Library of Boticas

The local library has been open to the public since 2000 where works took place to restore the former building named Paços do Concelho. The local council...
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