Axis Golf Resort Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Ponte de Lima is the oldest town in Portugal and is located in the heart of Lima's Valley. An ideal destination for a memorable stay. Axis Ponte de Lima Golf Resort Hotel is in a top of a hill with a green horizon, it has a  modern architecture and court tennis, swimming pool and a horse school near by the hotel. Explore the area walking or by bycicle, and enjoy the hotel using the gym,jacuzzi, etc. Nº of bedrooms: 40
Address: Rua do Sobreiro - nº 346, 4990-625 FORNELOS PTL
Phone: +351258900250

07 Feb 2020

11 Mar 2020
Churrasqueira Paragem

Churrasqueira Paragem

It is a pleasant place to have your meal. Its speciality: grills. Closed on mondays at dinner.
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Situated in Golf of Ponte de Lima, the Restaurant Migaitas offers the flavors of traditional...
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Club House Bar Esplanada

Golf of Ponte de Lima offers all the welfare in their Club House - an old manor duly recovered and expanded, that has not changed yet its beautiful original...

Portada Nasoni proveniente do Palácio de Freixo

Classified as Monument of Public InterestOriginaly this frontispiece was in the Palácio do Freixo, in Porto, but it has been transfered to Casa da Torre das...
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