Vale de Cambra

01 to 30 Apr 2020
THE MOST FAMOUS SHOE IN THE WORLDWith the help of a featured guide, little ones will discover...
Industrial Tourism - Iron Circuit

Industrial Tourism - Iron Circuit

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020
Starting at Torre da Oliva, with a presentation of the history of the emblematic factory and a...
Manuel Bastos

Manuel Bastos

From the flavors of the Monastery of Arouca Manuel Bastos inherited genuine flavors as...
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VisitTrebilhadouro Village

In the parish of Rôge it is located one of the scenic treasures of the county: the village of Trebilhadouro, which is uninhabited for about 15...

Parque Urbano do Rio Ul (River Ul Urban Park)

The Urban Park extends by the river UL valley. The process of the river flow and the banks treatment turned the riverside in a pleasant place. Its size is...
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