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Ponte da Barca
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The Vila Gourmet Shop intends to meet the needs of the world gourmet lovers, in order they can prepare very special home-cooked meals or just offer to someone very special, the delicious and unique gifts that bring the best memories.

The Vila Gourmet is a special place where the costumer can stilly enjoy, taste and buy a wide range of high quality products, especially portuguese wines and food.

We are two people with a strong connection to the land, culture and the origins of Portugal, and we are completely in love with Portugal and its rich traditions. We are lovers of the good life, knowing that the good times are passed sitting at the table, among family, friends, gifts and gastronomic adventures.

The careful selection of the national products makes them distinguished by their uniqueness of flavors. The Vila Gourmet is provided with a diversity of sweets as well as cheese, wines, chocolate, oils, spices, etc. All under the motto "enjoy the art of eating well."

We know the ways are made by walking and we know we are at the starting point. We want this walk brings great moments for everyone!
Address: Praça Dr. António Lacerda 8
Phone: 258455381

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020

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