Varanda do Lima

Ponte da Barca
Description / Facilities

It is a restaurant taht received the the “Talher de Prata” (Silver Flatware) prize for its delicious dishes such as the Barca Cod, Boiled Hake, Pepper and Cheese Steak, and Cordon Bleu.
Address: Largo do Corro 2, 4980-629 Ponte da Barca
Phone: 258453469

05 May to 29 Dec 2019

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

Percurso do Carvalhal do Trovela

Location: Serdedelo, Gondufe, Beiral of Lima, Boalhosa and Duas Igrejas (town of Vila Verde)Type of Course: Short RouteTheme: Environmental and...

"Vale do Lima" Kayak Adventure

... to get a different perspective in communion with the nature of a river that gives life and supports one of the most beautiful landscapes of Alto Minho...
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