Vale de Cambra
Description / Facilities
The specialities are the Barbecue Chicken, “Arroz de Miúdos” (Giblets Rice), Tropical Steak, Mixed Kebab, Barbecued Codfish.
The history of the TROPICAL begins in S. Salvador do Congo, Angola. Arrives in Vale de Cambra in 1962 (beginning of the Colonial War) after few years lands in Espinho and open the CRISTAL. The motherland calls, and return to Vale de Cambra where is for more than 50 years.

Address: Av. Camilo Tavares de Matos
Phone: 256462193

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020
Industrial Tourism - Academia de Design e Calçado

Industrial Tourism - Academia de Design e Calçado

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020
Born in 1965, the former Center for Vocational Training of the Footwear Industry, as the name...

"Geração Dourada" (Business Tourism Entertainment)

The "Geração Dourada" has as its mission "sportivize" and animate the world offering a wide range of activities specifically aimed at children and young...

Dr. Manuel Luciano da Silva Museum Library

It is a rustic house where Dr. Manuel Luciano da Silva was born. It was built over a hundred years ago, keeping the original furniture, kitchen utensils...
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