Solar de Montemuro

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Always above the 1000 meters, the mountains of Montemuro contain charms of wide horizons and of breath suspended by the enormity of the landscape. From here, as far as the eye can see, one can see the Douro and the Bestança rivers and a whole parade of details that make the difference. At the top, as if reigning over all this luxuriant green, is the Solar do Montemuro, in Tendais, at only 10 km from Cinfães. A traditional house where prevails “arouquesa” and the specialties made with veal and Lamb. There are also some unusual and tasty partridge meal and Azenha codfish.
In these places, where a permanent legion of gastronomes takes place, this restaurant has earned the epithet "Gastronomic Cathedral" and it has remained ever since.
The building, built to take advantage of the passage of the water, which runs through all   Montemuro mountain, it is an immense viewpoint to wash the soul and regret the hurts of the busy lifestyle. Here time is on our side.
The Solar is a typical restaurant, being the only one in the Douro and South Tourism region with this honourable quality rating. Fernando and Armando Campos are the owners and connoisseurs of this genuine restoration establishment, and they welcome you like nobody else.
The Manor is located on the hillside of the Montemuro mountain range, in the county of Cinfães. It has a wonderful panoramic room overlooking the rivers Douro and Bestança, which run literally at our feet. In one of the rooms there is a fountain that takes advantage of the water of Montemuro and runs through the building.
In winter, and because at altitude the cold prevails, there is a fireplace, but it is in the summer, with an immense terrace cosy in restful shadows that the "Cathedral" gets all its splendour.
Specialty: “arouquesa” beef steak / “arouquesa” veal
Average price: € 15 / dose
Time: 12 a.m. / 10 p.m.
Seating capacity: 120 (Tables: 30)
Director: Armando and Fernando Campos
Address: Azevedo - Tendais, 4690 Cinfães
Phone: +351255571715
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