Sociedade Agrícola Vale da Vilariça, Lda. – Q. da Silveira

Torre de Moncorvo
Description / Facilities
The Agricultural Society of Vilariça Valley, in the Douro region, is a family company that manages two properties, "Quinta da Silveira", belonging to the family for about 170 years, and "Quinta do Tourão" an acquired property, plot to plot, along the last 30 years.

 The two properties make up a 70 hectare vineyard area with the best varieties for the production of Port and Douro wines DOC.

The wine is made in  cellar mills in "Quinta da Silveira" and the wines aged in French oak barrels in the warehouses of the same. Both Farms are located in the Valley of Vilariça, one in Torre de Moncorvo municipality and one of Vila Flor.
Address: Quinta da Silveira, Torre de Moncorvo, EN 102, km 52 | 5160-002 Adeganha | Torre de Moncorvo | Portugal
Phone: 917283022

Route of the Viewpoints

Geographically, the "Douro Superior"  (Upper Douro)  has several privileged places to look at magnific views. Some were built strategically to the visitors...

Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora do Castelo

Is located next to the Sanctuary of the same name, a place with human occupation dating back to the recent prehistory. To the "Senhora do Castelo" is here...
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