SAM 1943 Taberna & Degustaria

Vale de Cambra
Description / Facilities
The S.A.M.1943 Taberna  & Degustaria is a food and beverage company classified  as a “Taberna/Degustaria” ( Tavern/Tasting).
It has an area of 75 square metres with a capacity of 32 seats and a terrace  in the shade of vineyards, whose activity will be the sale  of gastronomic and wine products for consumption in the place. The company is located in Coelhosa, in the José António Martins street, number 540, São Pedro de Castelões Vale de Cambra, being this  the family home of Samuel António Martins, paternal grandfather of the present owner, managing partner of the company and great-grandfather of the Chef Daniel Carneiro.
The building is situated in a pleasant location with a wonderful  landscape over the entire Valley, from Vigas to Caima, from the fields by the river and from the city to the mountains.
 The basic idea is the combination of  the typical gastronomy with the wines from  our exceptional  wine-growing area, providing thus the access to the Portuguese cuisine connected with the wines and the  typical specialties of the different regions. The innovation is the possibility of presenting this offer in one place, having as the main  goal the costumers satisfaction. 
Address: Rua José António Martins nr 540 3730-049 Vale de Cambra
Phone: 256408059/967987135
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