Sabores da Quinta Restaurant

Celorico de Basto
Description / Facilities
Located in a farm in the periphery of Celorico de Basto, Sabores da Quinta presents a fabulous gastronomy and a lovely landscape, having has background “ Senhora da Graça, Serra do Marão, and Alvão”. Can easily be overlooked, if you don’t pay attention  to the signs.

Use genuine products, cultivated and  raised in the surroundings in the preparation and cooking of the dishes.

The “ Lombelo” with sweet chestnuts baked in a firewood oven, the veal also baked in a firewood  and the “Cabidela” rice stand out in the menu, such as the list of wines. “the Rabanadas” cooked with red wine and the quince roasts close the meal with a golden key.

With large and elegant areas , superb decoration ,  free Wi-Fi, one outside space bucolic with stunning gardens. The restaurant has several and creative menus, and included fresh local products. Delicious meals inspired in traditional and typical gastronomy.

Once experienced, you will come back.
Address: Casa do Campo, Molares, Celorico de Basto
Phone: 963928369

11 Jun 2020


30 Jul to 02 Aug 2020
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