S. Pedro

Description / Facilities

It has capacity for 100 people in the hotel restaurant and 500 people in the tent and the average price is 14 €. The specialties are "vitela assada no forno" (roast veal in the oven), "posta Arouquesa na brasa" (grilled meat) and "bacalhau à S.Pedro" (cod).
Closing day: 2nd
Address: Av. Reinaldo Noronha, 24 (EN 236-1), 4540-105 Arouca
E-mail: info@hotelspedro.com
Phone: 256944580 / 25694305

21 Sep to 23 Nov 2019

27 Sep 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

Pedras Parideiras (Geosite 7)

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Megalithic Monuments

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