Restaurante Snack Bar O Malhadoura

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Restaurante looked  commun , family  and cosy. Serves good Portuguese cuisine.

Specialties: Roast lamb and veal and “cozido à portuguesa” (Portuguese stew made of boiled meat and vegetables).

Average price: dish of the day  from Monday to Saturday - 5.00 €/ on the menu - 10.00 € to 12.00 €
Capacity: 100 people
Private parking
 Payment: cash, ATM or cheque  
Opening hours: 7:00h to 2:00h
Open daily
Address: Malhadoura, Real, 4550-673 Castelo de Paiva
Phone: (+351) 255 699 927

23 to 27 Oct 2019

09 Nov 2019

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