Restaurante Senhora do Viso

Santa Marta de Penaguião
Description / Facilities
The Senhora do Viso restaurant is located in Vila Fontes, a very tourist area, from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery over Serra do Marão.

We invite you to a beautiful tour not only by Marão area, but also by our fantastic traditional cuisine. We suggest you to taste the roasted lamb in the oven, the codfish with bread and garlic, the Sabor do Viso steak and our octopus always accompanied by the best wines of Santa Marta.

There is nothing better than to combine good gastronomy with the beautiful landscapes of the Douro region.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday

Closed on Mondays

Capacity: 150 people

Address: Lugar do barreiro - Fontes
Phone: 254814013

25 May to 20 Jul 2020
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